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c a t . n . b o n e
( experimental / industrial minimalism / noise ambience )

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r e l e a s e s: unholy matrimony (v/a)

v/a ''unholy matrimony''
4 cds = 64 tracks

unholy matrimony
a very special compilation to celebrate the marriage of leigh and mandi

compiled by flat affect
art-work by no1zfukd

contains next artists and projects:
stigma diabolicum, zarach baal tharagh, slut kull, [c.t.d.], silas ciar n, rats with wings, brutal orgasm, redsk, endometrium cuntplow, screwtape, prodvkt, ewe, flat affect, drk, mystified, some sian females bodybuilders, mixturizer, rabbit girls, tainted corrosive mist, not half, chav stabber, flippin idiots, crnich, soma, +dog+, nihilistic front, herz tod, unit 371, necroanal, extreme volume pop, fuck the retarded girl, villain, 900piesek, |n|!|g|h|, razxca, novasak, zebra mu, kz9, armenia z024, doldis, hrossharsgrani, abraxas aparatus, flutwacht, hatesound, trend basher, sick to the back teeth, gorgonized dorks, heirdrain, infested with maggots, hybrid frequency, cat.n.bone, ego death, i spit on your grave, i;c;o;c, duct tape sadist, undecisive god, hinyouki, the noisetters, dot b t, flower of flesh and blood, bicycle sighs, ido59, innominus, zieltogend, socialistic jonny goblet, sliced up junkie cunt, the helmut bernecker noise gore experience.

cat.n.bone: and again a set of utensils into a gift to new-married pair
(track # 16 on cd # 3)
all sounds by cat.n.bone

released through smell the stench rec. as net-release (sts-net400)


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