C A T . N . B O N E o f f i c i a l w e b s i t e

c a t . n . b o n e
( experimental / industrial minimalism / noise ambience )

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contact: cat.n.bone@gmail.com

r e l e a s e s

cat'n'bone the coming of the crocodog snailocat's blood bones rattle (ego death's remixes) bald split (split with ego death) fucks all the girls in the world (split with flat affect)

v/a ''unholy matrimony'' federico barabino/cat.n.bone collaboration aspirin's dreams pencil some carrot?

''you are what you eat'' v/a compilation split (with ego death) deep in the bottle (overload and glass) sniff a tree butterfly i will clap when i will dying

''soundtrax to end your useless life to'' v/a compilation split (with light collapse) ''compilation for lyni'' v/a compilation fly unveiling the wicked dead-glass behind a curtain of thin tissue under any circumstances (split with ego death)

paperflower mr. tinkoble ''socks vs stones'' ''the bfw christmas album'' v/a compilation v/a ''Non-Tribute For Parents Who Should Not Be'' v/a ''Shit Noise 77''

''splitsession 9'' split with swine flu, headcleaner, koobaatoo asparagus

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