C A T . N . B O N E o f f i c i a l w e b s i t e

c a t . n . b o n e
( experimental / industrial minimalism / noise ambience )

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contact: cat.n.bone@gmail.com

r e l e a s e s: soundtrax to end your useless life to (v/a)

v/a ''soundtrax to end your useless life to''
4 cds = 43 tracks

compiled by novasak
art-work by novasak

contains next artists and projects:
chachi on acid, dysthymya, demetrius grave, heirdrain, tisynvs, forest funeral, sexterminator69, homemade abortion kit vs. praying for oblivion, x-doping, pink venom, post mortem, nuoh, syrinx, k^lle, buttercup insurgent, rei rea, forest on fire, sigulda, maggotribe, rubbish, nihilistic front, novasak, inconnu ictu, torture border, awesome bin laden, morpeth, argot, ecoute la merde, mxtrzr, to-bo, die neue zeit, vziel project, grosad & novoss, ffvii, das gonob quasiforma, not half, ego death, wormhead, kshayaath, nightshades, the odm, sonic disorder.

cat.n.bone: ayalenaya risuhari
(track # 7 on cd # 1)
all sounds by cat.n.bone

released through smell the stench rec. as net-release (sts-net500)


Используются технологии uCoz