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r e l e a s e s: fucks all the girls in the world (split with flat affect)

fucks all the girls in the world (split with flat affect)
5 tracks

copied from riotous rec. press release:
this just in!
riotous records will be releasing an album that can only be described as an exploration of pornography and nature. who would put together such an album? we're glad you asked! take one half flat affect (from America) and one half cat.n.bone (from Russia) and you get this wonderful split record full of harsh pornoise that can only be explained as an exploration of pornography and nature.
plus, it's pornoise for charity! that's right. we will allow you to decide how much you pay for this album, and whatever you pay us, we will donate half to charity! what charity? dave (riotous records co-founder) will personally go to local fast food restaurants and gas stations and put the donate half of the money into whatever charity jar the place of business has on their counter, and he will have pictures of him doing so taken and posted as proof!
here is what we can tell you at this point. the cd should be available in the next few weeks. it will be in cd-r format but complete with artwork. there will be a minimum fee of $2 to cover shipping the album. anything you chose to pay above the $2 will be what half is is donated from. so get ready for flat affect / cat.n.bone - fucks all the girls in the world brought to you by riotous records!
Riotous Records
More to come, stay tuned!

flat affect:
1.pissing on gods creations
all sounds by flat affect
2.all you need is cock
2.into the throat
3.funeral suck (dead beauty)
all sounds by cat.n.bone
all arts by cat.n.bone
released through riotous rec. on cd-r in pro-cover cardboard pack
the art

Fucks All The Girls In The World
by Flat Affect/Cat.n.Bone


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