C A T . N . B O N E o f f i c i a l w e b s i t e

C A T . N . B O N E o f f i c i a l w e b s i t e

c a t . n . b o n e
( experimental / industrial minimalism / noise ambience )

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r e l e a s e s: the bfw christmas album 2013 (v/a)
v/a ''the bfw christmas album 2013''
net release = 36 tracks

the bfw christmas album 2013 compiled by bfw recordings
artwork by bfw recordings

contains next artists and projects:
When We Live, The Amygdala, Perceptual Defence & Uzbazur345, Scott Lawlor, Mystified, Cousin Silas, Ars Sonor, Playman54, Meteer, Elizabeth Veldon, Jon Johnson, Alphonsin, The Owl Effect, dmyra, Chris Fordham, Eko_Fisk, Bing Satellites, Antimon, Sheldon Gava, Tim Kays, SineRider, ROGUE SPORE, Galactic Kaleidoscope, The Akkeshi Bebop Contamination Quintet, Would-Be Messiahs, Buben, Daniel Prendiville, Luciftias, Ade Hodges, TOTAL E.T., midnightradio11, Uzbazur & Perceptual Defence, MagicVan, Magnetic Wind, Peter Edwards.

mr. tinkoble: mitaxim
(track # 31)
all sounds by mr. tinkoble

released through bfw recordings
information and download pages:
bfw recordings official website


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